Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Urban homestead - orchard planted

Sorry it has been a few days since I have had a chance to post on my blog.  I have been crazy busy planting.  So I opened up the packages from MO Department of Conservation and from Stark Bros.  To my dismay the MO DOC messed up my order and instead of sending me Paw Paw's they sent me Elderberry.  I need more Elderberry on our property in MO like I need another hole in my head... I have Elderberry all over the place in MO so I really didn't need or want them... I really wanted the Paw Paw's.  I may have to reach out and let them know they messed up.  The plus side is that Elderberry will grow in CO and I don't have any on my postage stamp lot here in our urban setting so I planted an Elderberry here.

So what have I been planting... Well I planted 15 trees this weekend.  2 Pear, 2 Plum, 1 Apple, 1 Apricot, 1 Peach, 1 Cherry, 2 Service Berry, 1 Elderberry, 2 Mulberry, 2 Black Locust.

Then yesterday I was out putting in posts for a wire trellis for raspberries and blackberries.  Then I planted those.  I have 6 blackberries, 3 golden raspberries, 3 purple raspberries, and 6 red raspberries that went into the ground yesterday, and we put in some more root stock strawberries to try and get my raised strawberry bed to fill in. 

Also I had a lot of trees from the MO DOC so I had to put them into pots to keep them alive until I can get out to MO this fall.  That is the plan anyway.  So we will see how many of these trees survive in posts until I can get them out to their final home. 

So now I need to start back filling the wood chip mulch as much as I can around the trees.  I did pile up a fair amount while I planted, but I need to finish filling them in.

Next projects this coming weekend are to get my cold weather plants and seeds out into beds.  I have a lead on some leaves and some wood chips that I will probably be doing a lot of hauling this weekend.  I promise to take some pictures of things soon and post here on the blog.

Now I need to go get a long drill bit so that I can drill holes in my cedar posts that I put up for the raspberries and blackberries so I can string a wire to act as a trellis to separate the new canes from the old canes as they have to be managed.  So now I wait eagerly to see these trees spring to life and what steps we have to take to prune and shape them. 

Also as a neat side note as I was out potting up trees I found some volunteer cilantro that had sprung up from seed that dropped last year that landed on the ground.  It is so funny to think we have to plant at certain times and certain plants when you see something like this just take off on it's own, surviving the cold nights and freezing temps with no care or intention of planting it there.... I think many times we over think this gardening thing and we should let nature do more and we do less... Just something to think about... :-)

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