Friday, March 13, 2015

Worm Composting bins tip - moisture control

One of the important things about feeding and caring for your worms is to keep the moisture content to the consistency of a wrung out sponge.  If your making regular additions of fresh food scraps to your bins then likely your moisture levels will remain with this consistency.  However if your only adding food say once a week then your bins could start to dry out some.  So we need to check on them.  If your using a Rubbermaid tote or some enclosed plastic container it may regulate the moisture better so you will need to check.  With an open system that breaths like the Worm Inn I am noticing that due to the very dry and arid climate that moisture levels need to be watched more closely.  One tip is to put a layer of newspaper or classified ads over the top of the material in the bin to help hold in some of the moisture and speed up the composting process for the materials on the top of your worm bin.

So if your new to worm bins watch your moisture levels. If your a Worm Inn bin user this is especially true since this system is open and is allowed to breath.  By putting a cover layer over the top like carbon materials like news paper, cardboard egg cartons, shredded junk mail(not the glossy type or any plastics), leaves etc you are mimicking a forest floor mulch that the worms can thrive in.  This mulch layer will help regulate your moisture levels.

Here is a video on worm bins that you might find helpful:

Take care, and happy worm farming! :-D

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