Thursday, March 5, 2015

How to Cover your garden area for a Back To Eden Garden

Here are the steps to get your own Back to Eden Garden going.  Note that if you don't have partially composted wood chips and they are still rather fresh you will either want to take the time to compost them some in the fall and let this garden plot really compost and cook over the winter.  If your like me and getting a late start and doing it now(late winter) or in the spring keep in mind that if the wood chips are not already partially composted you will want to add manures(nitrogen), green waste, coffee grounds etc to the top of your wood chips and keep feeding them nitrogen to accelerate the wood chip breakdown.  The following guidelines are the minimum.  Feel free to start with a deeper layer of compost and deeper layer of wood chips.  They will settle, and break down.  So if you go with a smaller layer now you will likely find you need to add more to the garden sooner.  So don't be stingy with these layers.

Notice there is NO TILLING.  NO DISTURBING the soil.  Once you get your Back to Eden garden bed up and running the maintenance is minimal, and no more battling weeds.  Give it a try!

  • For an ideal Back to Eden garden, apply 3-4 sheets of newspaper.
  • Then apply 3-4 inches of organic compost orcomposted manure.
  • Then an additional 2-4 inches of wood chips oralternative covering on top.
  • If you are implementing the methods in the Spring or Summer, additionally apply a dusting of composted manure for organic fertilizer.
WHEN TO COVER A BACK TO EDEN GARDEN: For an ideal Back to Eden garden, cover your garden in the Fall! If you look at creation, nature drops its needles and leaves in the Fall.
  • Note: *If you are using raw wood chips, allow time for them to break down (at least Fall - Winter). You will experience more work fertilizing with organic manure if you wait until the Spring or Summer to apply raw wood chips.
  • Note: *If you are using composted wood chips that have had time to decay, you may apply and plant in the compost immediately.
  • Note: *If you are using composted wood chips that have been screened, you may apply and plant in them immediately (Paul prefers this method for his home garden). 
Next installment we will talk about how to plant your seeds in the Back To Eden Garden.

For a sneak peak check out the Back To Eden Film instructions: How to Plant a Back To Eden Garden

Take Care, and God Bless you,


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